June Crowe

Crowe is a self-taught ceramist gaining her experience through various classes and workshops over the past 30 years. Her work incorporates vibrant, lively color, along with playful compositions and texture. Crowe’s pieces are traditional in form and are fired using a variety of techniques.

Decorative pieces form the majority of her work, however, she also makes functional pottery. Crowe’s firing styles include primitive and saggar firings, raku firings, and oxidation firing in an electric kiln.

Crowe’s work has been in several juried shows, including the Arts & Culture Alliance in Knoxville, the Southern Highlands Guild, the Foothills Guild, and the Oak Ridge Open Invitation Show.  Her work has been shown in several Tennessee galleries and in Nunnally’s Framery Shop in Anniston, Al.

Crowe was juried into the Foothills Craft Guild in 1997, the Southern Highlands Craft Guild in 1999, and the Terra Madres in 2005.  Her work has been exhibited at these and other local and regional craft shows.

Clay is a life-long learning experience for Crowe and provides an outlet for her creativity. Clay also gives her a sense of personal accomplishment and she finds it satisfying to create something for others to enjoy.  Although clay objects have been produced since ancient times, there is always something new to learn about the creation, design, glazing and firing processes.


  E-mail: June@TerraMadreWomenInClay.com