Annamaria Gundlach

Each of my clay sculptures has its own voice which speaks as I create them. As a figurative artist I'm fascinated by the female form and its impact on art and religion throughout history. Nature is my inspiration and female is nature. I am constantly finding ways to work large and make my figures reflect their sensuality and strength and connection to the earth. I also burnish and pit-fire my work so the smoke ages and mutes the colors with a patina that has a haunting suggestion of lost and forgotten eras of time. I refer to my work as "modern artifacts". This oxymoron reflects my contradictory intent of modern elegance achieved with primitive methods. I hope that my work makes one feel connected to the past, to the earth and to the universal mystery of existence.

I have been most fortunate to have studied with many fine clay artists who passed the love and knowledge of this medium on to me. Therefore as a professional artist and educator, I have continued that tradition of creating and teaching the art and craft of clay.