Pat Herzog

Pat's fish plateIn 1978 I received a Master of Science Degree in Ceramics from the University of Tennessee. Many years of working with clay have followed and I consider myself a studio potter and on some occasions a ceramic artist.
I do both functional and sculptural work that often reflects my interest in color, texture, animal imagery, universal patterns in nature and the art of ancient cultures.
My functional work is mostly hand built with white stoneware and fired to approximately 2200 degrees in an electric kiln.
My small sculptures (Warrior Queens or Petite Stelae) are influenced by the Cycladic art of Greece and the Mesoamerican art of the Olmec, Aztec and the Maya civilizations. They are either fired in a raku kiln or sawdust fired in a primitive kiln.
It helps me to have a connection to the past while I am working in the present and I hope my work has a sense of humaneness in this digital and media driven world.

Pat's turtles   Pat's cups