Lynne Johnson

I dreamed learning to “pot” from an early age. My passion for pottery began as a teenager as I gathered unique pots for flowers and house plants. I grew up in Maine surrounded by artists, gardeners and music lovers. My experiences with artists of various forms gave me a deep appreciation of the heart and soul of creating. I started my journey in clay in the mid 1990’s. My first pottery classes started at the Knoxville, TN Arts and Fine Crafts Center. I have played in clay ever since but only recently ventured out into marketing my wares. I enjoy creating pieces for the home and garden that are founded in my love of organic nature, cooking and sharing pottery with family and friends. My pieces are a mixture of wheel thrown and hand-built forms, using various stoneware clays with traditional techniques and methods. They are meant to be handled, shared and enjoyed in your home and garden.

I live in Lenoir City, Tennessee with my husband and son on a family farm originating with my husband’s grandparents over 100 years ago. I am blessed to be surrounded by the mountains and rivers of the Appalachian and Cumberland plateau, where I gather inspiration for my creations. I hope you find something in my work you enjoy holding and using!