Wendy Mosca

I started taking pottery classes at Stony Brook University, New York in 1998 and have not stopped playing in mud since! Upon moving to Tennessee in 2001, I continued my work at the Oak Ridge Art Center until I set up my studio. I now live and work out of my home studio in Ten Mile, TN overlooking beautiful Watts Bar Lake. I have been a member of Terra Madre – Women in Clay since 2015.

I focus my work on raku which involves removing the ware from the kiln while at bright red heat and placing it into containers with combustible materials. Once the materials ignite, the container is closed. This produces an intense reduction atmosphere which, along with the flames, affects the color in the glaze in various ways. The drastic thermal shock also deliberately produces cracking in the glaze - known as crackling. The results are unknown until the piece cools, when the container is opened and the surprise revealed!

Natural forms and nature have been a continuous influence in my life and work. As in nature, singularities are not a shortcoming but a source of beauty. Each of my pieces is hand thrown on the wheel and fired individually, therefore the results are unique – no two pieces will ever be alike. The raku process allows me to celebrate the serendipity and individuality of life. Thank you for celebrating with me.

    Raku is exciting to produce,
It is dangerous,
It is elemental.
The interplay of earth, smoke, fire and chance,
Is my potters dance.


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  Website: wendy-mosca-pottery.square.site