Debbie Whelan

Debbie's bowlI’m a dancer who makes pots. The human body and the clay body both have form and shape, both seek to fill the space with dynamic design, movement and meaning, and the color on the pot is like the music to the dance. To me, pottery is an extension of the dance. The dancer informs the potter and the potter informs the dancer, culminating in a lovely duet!

I use high fire (oxidation) white and brown stoneware as well as porcelain to create my pots. I mix all my own glazes and slips and use the process of scraffitto to create many of my wheel thrown pieces. My dancing clocks add a little whimsy, blending both wheel throwing and handbuilding. When you look through my facebook page, you’ll see a very eclectic collection of pots. I haven’t really settled on one technique or color, instead I’m always eager to try a new idea, a new challenge!

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